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Cafe Gyoen – New Japanese Cafe With Train Decor In Serangoon Gardens

Apr 14, 2024

Cafe Gyoen is a new Japanese-themed cafe in Serangoon Gardens with a train decor. Taking over the space vacated by Isshin Machi, Cafe Gyoen will transport you to the Tokyo metro stations and train cabins!

Opened by the same owners behind Yamato Izakaya in Tai Seng, Cafe Gyoen has transformed their toilets into a Tokyo metro cabin-inspired backdrop and it has gone viral online.

But other than that, the interior of the cafe is pretty bare and looks like an ordinary cafe.

Cafe Gyoen serves all-day Teishoku (which means set menu in Japanese), donburi, curry rice and small Japanese bites.

Apart from coffee, you can also get an array of Japanese beverages including Matcha Latte, Black Sesame Latte and matcha Yuzu spritz.

We ordered several dishes and all of them were simple, hearty and delicious. They are something that we can eat on a regular basis.

Each Teishoku set comes with tamagoyaki, cold marinated scallops, onigiri, miso soup and pickles.

Our top picks include the Hokkaido Pork Teishoku, Katsu Pork Teishoku and Tori Teriyaki Donburi.

Cafe Gyoen is a good reason for you to make a trip to Serangoon Garden neighbourhood for brunch the next weekend.

Cafe Gyoen
55 Serangoon Garden Way,
Garden Estate, Singapore 555951
Daily: 9am – 9pm

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