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Sembawang Confectionery – Old-School Bakery At Beach Road With 60 Years of History

May 22, 2024

Sembawang Confectionery is a humble old-school bakery tucked away at the ground floor of a HDB estate at Beach Road, not Sembawang. This bakery has been rolling out freshly baked bread and cakes since the 1960s. Best of all, their goods are free from preservatives.

During the short time we spent at Sembawang Confectionery, the bakery was visited by plenty of regulars which only goes to show how well-loved their bakes are. So take this as your sign to drop by Sembawang Confectionery if you haven’t visited them before.

Sembawang Confectionery carries a wide array of baked goods for your picking. From individually wrapped buns, loaves of bread, kueh, pastries and nostalgic Western cakes, there is something for everyone here.

To top it off, customers can take their time to select their favourites because Sembawang Confectionery is known for their friendly staff who are patient and customer-centric.

When we asked their staff to recommend us some items, she shared that the Cream Horn (S$2) was one of their top-sellers and we witnessed this in person too. Just as we ordered the Cream Horn, someone dropped by to pick up an order and there just wasn’t enough left on the shelf to pack for them. Say what?

Whilst we found the pastry of the Cream Horn decently flaky, the cream filling leaned towards being more of a butter-based cream rather than fresh cream. So if you’re intending to purchase some Cream Horns for yourself, do note that the Cream Horn is best enjoyed fresh instead of being kept in the fridge for later occasion.

Another interesting find at Sembawang Confectionery is the Pineapple Leaf Pie (S$1.50), a twist on the well-loved pineapple tart. Put simply, the Pineapple Leaf Pie shares the same concept as the Bunny Shaped Pineapple Tarts that you’d see during Chinese New Year i.e., a crumbly buttery shell filled with pineapple paste.

Whilst the taste of the Pineapple Leaf Pie was decent for the price, we’d have liked the pastry to be slightly saltier for a deeper flavour.

The best part about all these traditional bakeries is their range of nostalgic old-school Western Heritage Cakes (S$1.80 per slice), especially the “Traffic Light” cake. Sembawang Confectionery’s Heritage Cakes come in chocolate and vanilla flavours, and each slice of cake is carefully decorated with different designs.

Taste-wise, the Heritage Cakes were moist and the buttercream was fresh and light. But if we were asked about what would make the cakes better, we would have liked the cakes to have a slightly fluffier texture. 

Some other treats that you can pick up at Sembawang Confectionery include the Egg Tarts (S$1.50) and Custard Cream Puff (S$1.50). Although they weren’t outstanding, they would make a lovely and affordable afternoon snack for the family.

Sembawang Confectionery
6 Beach Rd, #01-4869,
Singapore 190006
Tel: +65 6295 3965

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