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  • Biden’s debate performance raises alarm in Israel

Biden’s debate performance raises alarm in Israel

Israel worries Mr Biden’s shaky debate performance could spur on their foes. Read More

Joe Biden’s disastrous debate blamed on bad preparation, exhaustion

President Joe Biden’s train-wreck debate with Republican opponent Donald Trump followed a series of decisions by his most senior advisers that critics now point to as wrong-headed, interviews with Democratic…

US military raises alert level for Europe bases: Reports

WASHINGTON – The US military has raised the alert level of several bases in Europe to its second-highest level, multiple American media outlets reported June 30. Read More

Explainer-Three-way run-offs and horse-trading: what happens next in French elections?

PARIS – Here’s how the second round of France’s parliamentary election on July 7 will work and the possible scenarios after exit polls showed Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally…

Far right wins first round in France election

AMSTERDAM/LONDON – Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) party won the first round of France’s parliamentary elections on Sunday, exit polls showed, but the final result will depend on…

Israel carrier says Turkish workers refused to refuel plane

The plane was allowed to make an emergency landing to evacuate a sick passenger. Read More

Missile fragments hit apartment building in Kyiv suburb, damage balconies

Missile fragments fell on a northern suburb of Kyiv on Sunday, damaging balconies on a multi-storey apartment building, officials said. Read More

Bulgaria’s new patriarch enthroned in Sofia cathedral

SOFIA – Top Orthodox Christian clergy from across Europe and Bulgaria’s senior government officials gathered in Sofia’s main cathedral on Sunday for the enthronement of the new patriarch of the…

Guided bomb attack on Ukraine’s Kharkiv kills one, injures eight, officials say

Russian forces attacked the centre of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second- largest city, with a guided bomb, killing one person, injuring eight and setting ablaze buildings and vehicles, officials said. Read More

Greece fighting dozens of wildfires, braces itself for worse to come

Residents were told to evacuate from six areas near the capital Athens. Read More